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Denizens of Dinosaur Island: the Haunted Jungle

The Haunted Jungle is basically tropical Mirkwood. The jungles have been corrupted by the dark magic of the Yuan-ti, who want to raise the Serpentine Continent – of which Dinosaur Island is the last exposed remnant – reestablish the Ophidian Dominion, … Continue reading

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One possible Infernal Machine

I participated in Scott Taylor’s Folio 1E relaunch Kickstarter, and got my hardcopy of the module in the mail a few weeks ago. It’s a nice piece of kit – you can read a more thorough review here. But it … Continue reading

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Epic sandboxery, remixed

Sources Part of the OSR/DIY ethos is building on what others have built, and I’ve taken that to heart here – almost everything in this post is borrowed from somewhere else. The basic framework is from Jeff Rients’s Epic sandboxery, … Continue reading

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Getting some distance from Star Wars

I read this article on io9 and passed it on to Mike, and then we had this exchange via email. Mike: I can’t help wondering what else Lucas might have achieved in the last few decades if he’d not pithered away so … Continue reading

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There’s a new sheriff in town

Something new happened last night – London ran his first session of D&D. Since we’re midway through the Dinosaur Island campaign with our original characters, we rolled up new ones for this second thing, which we’re calling the Evergreen campaign. … Continue reading

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The Battle for Minatou, Part 2 – Actual play report

The last post was about setting up the Battle of Minatou. This one is about how it all went down. Day 1: The day after we captured the Diplodocobra for Vrenn Larr, one of her teratorn-mounted scouts reported a huge … Continue reading

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The Battle for Minatou, Part 1 – Battle encounter table

In the last Dinosaur Island post, I mentioned that the Neanderthal queen, Vrenn Larr, needed a Diplodocobra, but I didn’t say what she needed it for. As they travel around the archipelago, the party is getting closer to an inevitable … Continue reading

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