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Star Wars Saturday, Part 2: Where science meets imagination (and marketing)

The second half of our Star Wars Saturday was going to the Discovery Science Center in Anaheim to see a traveling exhibit, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. The Star Wars part of the exhibit was basically a ton of … Continue reading

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Star Wars Saturday, Part 1: Attack Shuttle!

London and I are big fans of The Clone Wars, and we especially groove on some of the ships and vehicles of that era. We salivated over the big Nu-class Attack Shuttle toy when it came out last year, but … Continue reading

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Dungeon crawling on Barsoom

“We reached the city of Warhoon after some three days’ march and I was immediately cast into a dungeon and heavily chained to the floor and walls. Food was brought me at intervals but owing to the utter darkness of … Continue reading

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