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Fiction: Lying Low

Let’s start with mountain lions. Maybe that will make the next part easier. Here’s the thing: there are more mountain lions around than most folks know about. People see them, from time to time. But usually not a good look. … Continue reading

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10 simple rules for a healthy aquarium

In a comment on my first aquarium post, Mike wrote, I just skimmed the page about cycling an aquarium. This was a healthy reminder of why I don’t attempt to keep fish — the whole process seems terrifyingly complex. I … Continue reading

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Aquarium update 2: the personalities of the platies

Four days on and all five platies are still alive. I spent about an hour yesterday trying to photograph them. It’s a HUGE pain in the rear. Both the iPhone and the Coolpix have 0.5-1.0 second delays while they autofocus, … Continue reading

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Starting a new aquarium

I asked for money for Christmas, and used my haul to set up a 15-gallon tank in our living room. It’s good to be back to this – I’d missed it. I had a series of small tanks right after … Continue reading

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LEGO Star Wars – Project 30279

London and I like LEGO, Star Wars, and LEGO Star Wars, but we’re especially fond of the little polybag sets that pop up in department store checkout lanes. And our favorite thing to do with them, once we’ve built the … Continue reading

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Why (and who) your vote for Trump hurts

I originally posted this on Facebook, after some loved ones got upset that I posted links to this article and this one. I’m posting it here now for ease of access, both for my future self and for others who … Continue reading

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Fat and skinny, elegant and brutal

This line of thinking started when Mike pointed me to the Simple Game System, which I had somehow not heard of before. I was prepared to be skeptical, as most minimalist systems leave me cold,* but I like that dice mechanic. … Continue reading

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