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Making Space Turtle kits, part 2: the turtles, and instructions

To make Space Turtle kits, I need to do a few things in order: obtain parts; build the turtles, deciding how to equip each one; un-build the turtles, photographing the intermediate steps to make instructions; actually make those instructions; bundle … Continue reading

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Making Space Turtle kits, part 1: the process

I mentioned in the last post that I was planning on making some Space Turtle kits for my nieces and nephews. I could have gotten all the parts for official Space Turtles from Bricklink, but I wanted to take advantage … Continue reading

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Space Turtle, Space Turtle, SPACE TURTLE!!

As I mentioned in the first Mobile Frame Zero post, I’m quite taken with Lego Space Turtles, both Peter Reid’s original design, and the slightly redesigned version that shipped with the Lego Ideas Exo-Suit set (semi-review here, link roundup here). … Continue reading

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Record sheets for Mobile Frame Zero, and a post-play report

What the? You’re not supposed to use record sheets with Mobile Frame Zero – the different systems (attack, defense, movement, etc.) are represented by differently-colored dice, so if you know your frames and you have enough dice of different colors, … Continue reading

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Mobile Frame Zero

London and I have been playing a lot of wargames lately. First we had a big run of BattleTech games, starting a little over a month ago. For one of our battles, we didn’t have appropriate minis, so we built … Continue reading

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Hereditary fails by throwing away its own past

SPOILERS FOLLOW. SERIOUSLY. People are describing Hereditary as one of the most terrifying movies of all time. I’d say they’re three-quarters correct, in that the first three quarters of the movie were indeed pretty damned unnerving. But then it all … Continue reading

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Fiction: The Memory Stones

This isn’t really a story, just a sketch I wrote a few years ago. I always planned to come back and flesh it out, but that hasn’t happened yet. Rather than let it rot on my hard drive, I’m letting … Continue reading

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