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I finally, finally published something for Star Wars: the Roleplaying Game

Today sees the completion of a quest 25 years in the making for me–and if you just want the file, it’s at the bottom of the post. But first, some backstory. In the mid-90s, West End Games published a quarterly … Continue reading

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Yay Triops!

Yep, after many years of casual interest that never quite got me to pull the trigger, I have decided to kick off my self-isolation by raising <i>Triops</i>, the little crustaceans that haven’t changed morphologically since the Triassic Period. The video … Continue reading

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Yay shramps!

Perhaps inevitably, reading about marimo got me interested in red cherry shrimp, and now we have some. We started with 10 and had a couple of mysterious deaths in the first week. That’s stopped, thank goodness, and our surviving eight … Continue reading

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Yay marimo!

When I blogged about my aquarium three years ago, I neglected to mention one of our favorite residents–and the only one of the original gang still alive at this point: Grand Moss Tarkin. GMT is a marimo “moss ball”. Marimo … Continue reading

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What did The Last Jedi leave behind?

As much enjoyment as I’ve gotten from TLJ in the past (see this and this), I am coming to hate it more and more. Yes, J.J. Abrams left whoever was coming after TFA with a lot of mystery boxes–Rey’s parents, … Continue reading

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The inevitable Rise of Skywalker hangover

I didn’t see any of the Original Trilogy films during their original theatrical runs. The first time I saw a Star Wars movie on the big screen was the release of the Special Editions in 1997. I wasn’t crazy about … Continue reading

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Rey is not a Mary Sue

I think the idea that Rey is a Mary Sue is a lazy, stupid criticism, I always have, and I still do. This post explains why. After The Force Awakens, people asked, “Why was she such a great pilot right … Continue reading

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