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Hereditary fails by throwing away its own past

SPOILERS FOLLOW. SERIOUSLY. People are describing Hereditary as one of the most terrifying movies of all time. I’d say they’re three-quarters correct, in that the first three quarters of the movie were indeed pretty damned unnerving. But then it all … Continue reading

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Fiction: The Memory Stones

This isn’t really a story, just a sketch I wrote a few years ago. I always planned to come back and flesh it out, but that hasn’t happened yet. Rather than let it rot on my hard drive, I’m letting … Continue reading

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Monster of the week

TV Tropes informs me that the “monster of the week” concept goes back to The Twilight Zone in the 1960s. I first heard of it as opposed to the “mytharc” episodes in the original run of The X-Files. From the … Continue reading

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DIY notebook sheath

Inspired by the DDC Stuff Sheath. But dumber. My intent here is not to take money away from DDC. I actually had a use in mind for this when I made it. I have mentioned here before that I’m typically … Continue reading

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2017 in notebooks

I mentioned in a recent post how I got addicted to Field Notes this past summer. Here are the books I used in the second half of 2017. Top row are monthly/bimonthly EDC books: June/July: Shenandoah August: Utility September/October: Original … Continue reading

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My EDC, Part 2: Wallet

Thirty years ago, in 7th grade shop class, I made a nice hand-tooled leather bifold wallet with sewn edges. It was totally sweet, and also a total George Costanza back-breaker. The subsequent three decades have been a long war of … Continue reading

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My EDC, Part 1: Notebooks

The first in a series of unavoidably navel-gazey posts on the physical crap I lug around (EDC = Every Day Carry). Read at your peril.  I started carrying a planner back in 2007, when I was an instructor at UC … Continue reading

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