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Fat and skinny, elegant and brutal

This line of thinking started when Mike pointed me to the Simple Game System, which I had somehow not heard of before. I was prepared to be skeptical, as most minimalist┬ásystems leave me cold,* but I like that dice mechanic. … Continue reading

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Weekend Mech-tacular

London and I had a very mecha-themed weekend. On Saturday, we finished our all-homebrew Battletech game, which had been advancing at a rate of one turn per evening all through last week. More on how the battle played out in … Continue reading

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Battletech – The DIY Destruct-o-rama – Preview

  London suddenly got the itch to play Battletech. I blame the Gundam here, which we just built this past week — more about that another time. I was game (despite my recent whingeing about combat-as-sport), so we’re going to … Continue reading

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Battletech actual play report: London victorious

I just realized that I hadn’t yet posted the end of the 200-ton fight from the last post. Things started moving pretty fast. There are three ‘Mechs down in this photo. London’s Atlas went down from a head shot, as … Continue reading

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Battletech actual play report: the 200-ton fight

In the last post I showed some photos from unboxing the new BT Intro Box Set. As soon as we had the goodies out of the box, London had to play Battletech, and I was happy to oblige. We settled … Continue reading

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Unboxing the Battletech Introductory Box Set

Well, the long-awaited Battletech Introductory Box Set finally came out this spring, and almost immediately sold out. Fortunately some retailers still have copies at reasonable street prices, and I was able to get one with my birthday money ($40 plus … Continue reading

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More Pacific Rim BattleTech

It’s a new year, and that means: more games! And our most recent games of Pac Rim BT have been enhanced by the addition of Pac Rim HeroClix figures. We don’t have anything like a full set yet: 4 of … Continue reading

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It’s coming

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Pacific Rim BattleTech: statting up Gipsy Danger and Coyote Tango

Up until recently London and I were playing Pacific Rim BattleTech with standard or only lightly edited BT mechs, mostly from the CityTech 2E box because that’s what I had ready sheets for on the evening we invented the game. … Continue reading

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A Good Time to be a Mechwarrior, Part 1: BattleTech Introductory Box Set

This is how my brothers and I learned to play BattleTech back in 1987: with cardboard standups on a thin, single-sided cardboard map. And you know what? It rocked. Almost as soon as we’d learned how to play, we started … Continue reading

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