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Getting some distance from Star Wars

I read this article on io9 and passed it on to Mike, and then we had this exchange via email. Mike: I can’t help wondering what else Lucas might have achieved in the last few decades if he’d not pithered away so … Continue reading

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Star Wars is a time abyss

Andrew Rilstone, who writes more perceptively about Star Wars than just about anyone else alive, is counting down to the release of Episode 7. His most recent post in the series has a passage that really resonated with me: When … Continue reading

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’ve seen the Hobbit twice now, once with friends at the midnight premiere in 48fps 3D, and at a Saturday matinee with London in old-fashioned 24fps 2D. It is simply not possible to review this movie as if I was … Continue reading

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