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Fat and skinny, elegant and brutal

This line of thinking started when Mike pointed me to the Simple Game System, which I had somehow not heard of before. I was prepared to be skeptical, as most minimalist┬ásystems leave me cold,* but I like that dice mechanic. … Continue reading

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Comparing Original Trilogy and Force Awakens X-Wings and TIEs

I already blogged about the new Star Wars Micro Machines that London got on Force Friday. I got a little something myself – the new Force Awakens core set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game (currently an exclusive at Target and … Continue reading

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Crazy fun: the X-Wing Miniatures Game

I have a mostly-love-but-kinda-hate relationship with Fantasy Flight Games. One on hand, they make a lot of really nice, really fun games, including some Casa Wedel favorites like the Warhammer 40k game Relic. On the other hand, they sell them … Continue reading

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