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Capturing a Diplodocobra for the Neanderthal queen

Quick synopsis of how we got here: whilst exploring the wilds of Eloria (largest of the eastern chunks of Dinosaur Island, details here), we ran across…(random roll on a table I’ve not posted yet)…a local potentate in exile, Orv Immeral, … Continue reading

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Dungeon crawling on Barsoom

“We reached the city of Warhoon after some three days’ march and I was immediately cast into a dungeon and heavily chained to the floor and walls. Food was brought me at intervals but owing to the utter darkness of … Continue reading

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Avatar, John Carter, and the return of planetary romance

An Earthman—an ex-soldier—is transported to a distant and exotic planet. Alone in the wilderness, he encounters hostile aliens. His first meaningful human contact is a rescue involving a princess, the daughter of a powerful chieftain, who at first treats him … Continue reading

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