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LEGO Star Wars – Project 30279

London and I like LEGO, Star Wars, and LEGO Star Wars, but we’re especially fond of the little polybag sets that pop up in department store checkout lanes. And our favorite thing to do with them, once we’ve built the … Continue reading

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Comparing Original Trilogy and Force Awakens X-Wings and TIEs

I already blogged about the new Star Wars Micro Machines that London got on Force Friday. I got a little something myself – the new Force Awakens core set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game (currently an exclusive at Target and … Continue reading

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Comparing old and new Star Wars Micro Machines

Yesterday was Force Friday so after work and school, London and I went to Target to check out the new Star Wars toys. It’s a good thing we’re more interested in vehicles than action figures – the place had been … Continue reading

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The Battle for Minatou, Part 2 – Actual play report

The last post was about setting up the Battle of Minatou. This one is about how it all went down. Day 1: The day after we captured the Diplodocobra for Vrenn Larr, one of her teratorn-mounted scouts reported a huge … Continue reading

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The Battle for Minatou, Part 1 – Battle encounter table

In the last Dinosaur Island post, I mentioned that the Neanderthal queen, Vrenn Larr, needed a Diplodocobra, but I didn’t say what she needed it for. As they travel around the archipelago, the party is getting closer to an inevitable … Continue reading

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More Pacific Rim BattleTech

It’s a new year, and that means: more games! And our most recent games of Pac Rim BT have been enhanced by the addition of Pac Rim HeroClix figures. We don’t have anything like a full set yet: 4 of … Continue reading

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Star Wars Saturday, Part 1: Attack Shuttle!

London and I are big fans of The Clone Wars, and we especially groove on some of the ships and vehicles of that era. We salivated over the big Nu-class Attack Shuttle toy when it came out last year, but … Continue reading

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