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High attribute bonuses for old-school Star Wars: The RPG

Since the last post I’ve been thinking more about having little in-game bonuses available to characters that have an attribute at 4D or higher. The reasoning being that at that point, they have so many dice invested in that one … Continue reading

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3 simple rules hacks for old-school Star Wars: The RPG

Stashing these here so I don’t forget them. 1. Preparation Points I’ve been running WEG Star Wars for a little over 25 years now, and for the vast majority of players I’ve encountered, the Knowledge attribute has been a dump … Continue reading

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LEGO Star Wars – Project 30279

London and I like LEGO, Star Wars, and LEGO Star Wars, but we’re especially fond of the little polybag sets that pop up in department store checkout lanes. And our favorite thing to do with them, once we’ve built the … Continue reading

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Denizens of Dinosaur Island: the Diplodocobra

Armor Class: 14 Hit Points: 136 (13d12+52) Speed: 25 ft. STR 25 (+7)  –  DEX 15 (+2)  –  CON 19 (+4)  –  INT 6 (-2)  –  WIS 12 (+1)  –  CHA 9 (-1) Skills: Perception +4 Senses: passive Perception 14 … Continue reading

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Battletech – The DIY Destruct-o-rama – Preview

  London suddenly got the itch to play Battletech. I blame the Gundam here, which we just built this past week — more about that another time. I was game (despite my recent whingeing about combat-as-sport), so we’re going to … Continue reading

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d100 Miscellaneous Gear Table for Your Sci-Fi Game

I have just blogged recently about the excellent tables for Star Wars roleplaying put together by Jeff of the Gameblog. One of the favorites at Casa Wedel is the d30 miscellaneous gear table from this post. I figured if it … Continue reading

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Star Wars vehicle playing cards, and a silly game to play with them

So, I first heard about these on Zak Smith’s D&D blog a little over a year ago. I did not immediately get any because their availability and pricing on Amazon have been wildly variable, and it seemed like whenever I … Continue reading

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