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d20 Spaceship hit location table

I’m using this for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game first edition, but it’s really system neutral. Grab a d20 and rock out. This tells you where the hits landed, but it doesn’t dictate the consequences. For example, on a power … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Island: Across the Ogroan Frontier

Been a while since my last actual play update, and much has transpired. The PCs intercepted one of Malyar Ogroa’s emissaries, who bore a letter to Zelzennak Soth confirming that Ogroa’s army would meet up with Soth’s in two weeks … Continue reading

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Denizens of Dinosaur Island: the Haunted Jungle

The Haunted Jungle is basically tropical Mirkwood. The jungles have been corrupted by the dark magic of the Yuan-ti, who want to raise the Serpentine Continent – of which Dinosaur Island is the last exposed remnant – reestablish the Ophidian Dominion, … Continue reading

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One possible Infernal Machine

I participated in Scott Taylor’s Folio 1E relaunch Kickstarter, and got my hardcopy of the module in the mail a few weeks ago. It’s a nice piece of kit – you can read a more thorough review here. But it … Continue reading

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The Battle for Minatou, Part 1 – Battle encounter table

In the last Dinosaur Island post, I mentioned that the Neanderthal queen, Vrenn Larr, needed a Diplodocobra, but I didn’t say what she needed it for. As they travel around the archipelago, the party is getting closer to an inevitable … Continue reading

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10 Sorcerous Plots

Here are some grandiose and mostly evil plans stolen from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and loads of other pulp writers and comic book scribes. I haven’t sorted out this list to match plots with specific Dinosaur Island sorcerors – I … Continue reading

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More Dinosaur Island tables: interesting hex features, and death and dismemberment

In the last post I mentioned that the party had taken refuge in a randomly-generated necropolis. Here’s the table for that, in PNG (pictured) and PDF (link below). Dinosaur Island hex features I also tweaked Trollsmyth’s awesome death and dismemberment … Continue reading

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