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The Attack of the Clones conspiracy

In a way, AOTC is possibly the most interesting Star Wars movie in its implications. To assume control of the Republic and destroy the Jedi, Palpatine engineers the Clone Wars. But for the Clone Wars to happen, two things have … Continue reading

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A long time ago…

As I’ve been looking forward to The Force Awakens, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes Star Wars feel like Star Wars. And something new crystallized for me: Star Wars feels old. I don’t just mean that the individual … Continue reading

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Comparing Original Trilogy and Force Awakens X-Wings and TIEs

I already blogged about the new Star Wars Micro Machines that London got on Force Friday. I got a little something myself – the new Force Awakens core set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game (currently an exclusive at Target and … Continue reading

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d20 Spaceship hit location table

I’m using this for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game first edition, but it’s really system neutral. Grab a d20 and rock out. This tells you where the hits landed, but it doesn’t dictate the consequences. For example, on a power … Continue reading

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Comparing old and new Star Wars Micro Machines

Yesterday was Force Friday so after work and school, London and I went to Target to check out the new Star Wars toys. It’s a good thing we’re more interested in vehicles than action figures – the place had been … Continue reading

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