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Corpse Farmers, or Ravagetarians: a new postapocalyptic faction

Where do people get their food, in the postapocalyptic wasteland? Piracy and cannibalism are fun for a while, but now and then you want to eat something other than decades-old canned dog food or your dead neighbors. Fruits and veggies, … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Island: Across the Ogroan Frontier

Been a while since my last actual play update, and much has transpired. The PCs intercepted one of Malyar Ogroa’s emissaries, who bore a letter to Zelzennak Soth confirming that Ogroa’s army would meet up with Soth’s in two weeks … Continue reading

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Denizens of Dinosaur Island: Watchtowers

New Monster: Watchtower Not every standing stone on the rolling plains of Malyar Ogroa’s territory is a Watchtower, but enough of them are that interlopers must be very cautious. The Watchtowers or Seeing Stones are the sleepless sentries of the … Continue reading

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