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Dinosaur Island map

Not mine, I took the “Map of the Lost Islands” from Dyson’s Dodecahedron, overlaid a hex grid, and colored it in GIMP. Hexes will be 5 miles across for my campaign, but you could make them any size. Green areas … Continue reading

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Skipheath Fort, and nice things about lazy maps

I made this for a D&D-by-Skype campaign I am running with my friend Matt Benoit. It’s supposed to be about 3 miles on a side, with the buildings not to scale (Leviathan Ruin, on the other hand, IS to scale). … Continue reading

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After the Battle of Hoth: a Star Wars RPG snowbox

This adventure starts at the end of the Battle of Hoth. The PCs are among the handful of Rebels that survived the battle, but now all of the transports are gone and they’re left behind. They’ll have to be sneaky … Continue reading

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