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LEGO Star Wars – Project 30279

London and I like LEGO, Star Wars, and LEGO Star Wars, but we’re especially fond of the little polybag sets that pop up in department store checkout lanes. And our favorite thing to do with them, once we’ve built the … Continue reading

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The Lego Exo-Suit link roundup

  Here are bunch of links related to my new favorite Lego set, the 21109 Exo-Suit. Photographs at top and bottom are my own (but feel free to re-use them if they prove useful). British AFOL Peter Reid designed the … Continue reading

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Weekend Mech-tacular

London and I had a very mecha-themed weekend. On Saturday, we finished our all-homebrew Battletech game, which had been advancing at a rate of one turn per evening all through last week. More on how the battle played out in … Continue reading

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Why yes, that is the gunship I was looking for

I assume that everyone knows that early on in its design, the Millennium Falcon looked like this sketch by Joe Johnston: Shortly thereafter it acquired some side flanges with escape pods, as in this Colin Cantwell concept model from A … Continue reading

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Rise of the AcclaVenator

Over the holidays I found the Lego 8099 Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer (above left) on closeout at Wal-Mart, and picked one up. It’s a pretty cool set, and it gave me some ideas for building a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer … Continue reading

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London’s Millennium Falcon

Back in 2005, when my son, London, was just a few months old, Mike Taylor sent me, out of the blue and for no reason other than friendship, the giant Lego 4504 Millennium Falcon. I was quite taken with it… … Continue reading

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