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All the games, and then some

Or, my life in weapons-grade geekery. Mostly for my own amusement and possible future reference, and because making the list and tracking down the pictures was fun. All the RPGs I’ve actually played, ranked by number of sessions from most … Continue reading

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Gamemaster Questionnaire

In answer to Zak’s GM Questionnaire. His words in bold. Repost and answer. Or, if you don’t have a blog, answer in the comments. Or be a big rebel and do neither. 1. If you had to pick a single … Continue reading

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Aww yeah–BattleTech is back!

When I was 12, my brothers and I discovered BattleTech. It was our first introduction to hex-based wargames. We went on to play the Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, Star Wars: Assault on Hoth, Star Wars: Star Warriors, O.G.R.E., … Continue reading

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Avatar, John Carter, and the return of planetary romance

An Earthman—an ex-soldier—is transported to a distant and exotic planet. Alone in the wilderness, he encounters hostile aliens. His first meaningful human contact is a rescue involving a princess, the daughter of a powerful chieftain, who at first treats him … Continue reading

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