There’s a new sheriff in town

IMG_3438Something new happened last night – London ran his first session of D&D. Since we’re midway through the Dinosaur Island campaign with our original characters, we rolled up new ones for this second thing, which we’re calling the Evergreen campaign. London has Bryn, an elf barbarian, and Lia, an elf druid. I have Amarra, a dragonborn monk, and Jodas, a tiefling sorceror.

London started us off with one of the Pathfinder Beginner Box supplementary adventures that Paizo put online for free. Reskinning it for D&D 5e was super-simple, basically London kept the story the same and just used the monster stats out of the 5e Monster Manual.

I had forgotten how fragile starting characters are. When you only have 8 hit points, getting hit by almost anything is a life-and-death thing. Nobody died, but we did have a couple get down to a single hit point.

Anyway, we all lived and had fun and we made it to level 2 this morning. Now London is running us through some of the adventures that Dan Hass made available through his Kickstarters (one, two). I’m backing Dan’s 3rd and 4th level adventure package right now. Six adventures for six bucks – you really can’t argue with the price. And they’re well-constructed and straightforwardly written. London has been having a blast with them. The adventures from the earlier Kickstarters are still available if you throw enough money into the current one (a whopping 20-odd bucks), or you can buy them as stand-alone products on DriveThruRPG.

Now London is actively sighing so I gotta get off here and go play.


Someone’s fate is hanging on that d20 roll….



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