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Star Wars play report: The pursuit of Udin Heek

Now that I am stockpiling all of these cool images, stolen from around the internet to use while gaming, I also have everything I need for actual play reports that hopefully don’t completely suck. In one of my recent sessions … Continue reading

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Guest post: How Serenity ended up in Battlestar Galactica

I have blogged here before about my good friend and former roommate Jarrod Davis, who is a visual effects guy and who (ab)used his awesome powers to sneak the spaceship from our Star Wars roleplaying campaign into Firefly and Serenity, … Continue reading

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Cool concept art from The Star Wars comic

I’ve always been a sucker for movie concept art. It’s basically alternate history applied to film. And as a roleplayer, concept art is a goldmine–a lot of “official” RPG characters and vehicles were born from concept art (like the Star … Continue reading

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Tales of the Flaming Vagabond, Battlestar Galactica edition

For the prequel to this post, go here. This round started when Stefan Garcia wrote: Found this blog off of SVPOW’s latest post. Looks like the ship made it into the new Battlestar Galactica fleet (ship #4): That’s the composite … Continue reading

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GMing with a tablet

So, here’s a new thing. I have been GMing since about 1990, and for the first 23 years I got along just fine without electronic aids. But in the past year I have found that having a tablet handy while … Continue reading

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Redoing some villians, venues, and vehicles from the Star Wars prequels

A frequent theme when discussions of the prequels come up is that there is too much stuff. Like four different shiny silver spaceships in the space of three movies. Or three basically interchangeable henchmen: Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and General … Continue reading

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Circling around the Edge of the Empire

If it’s not already clear from my previous posts on the subject (like this one and this one), I am a hardcore fan of West End Games’ d6-based Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Here are some things I like about … Continue reading

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d100 Miscellaneous Gear Table for Your Sci-Fi Game

I have just blogged recently about the excellent tables for Star Wars roleplaying put together by Jeff of the Gameblog. One of the favorites at Casa Wedel is the d30 miscellaneous gear table from this post. I figured if it … Continue reading

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