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Dinosaur Island monster tables

London and I have been playing a lot of D&D 5e. I played 4e a few times and it just never took – everything was too complicated. When it takes an entire session just to level up, that’s too much … Continue reading

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Chris Foss Hardware sci-fi adventure generator

I finally got around to buying Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss. It’s a fantastic book, with tons of great art at an absurdly low price. Just flipping through it once gave me so many RPG-able ideas, I … Continue reading

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d100 Miscellaneous Gear Table for Your Sci-Fi Game

I have just blogged recently about the excellent tables for Star Wars roleplaying put together by Jeff of the Gameblog. One of the favorites at Casa Wedel is the d30 miscellaneous gear table from this post. I figured if it … Continue reading

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