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The Attack of the Clones conspiracy

In a way, AOTC is possibly the most interesting Star Wars movie in its implications. To assume control of the Republic and destroy the Jedi, Palpatine engineers the Clone Wars. But for the Clone Wars to happen, two things have … Continue reading

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Redoing some villians, venues, and vehicles from the Star Wars prequels

A frequent theme when discussions of the prequels come up is that there is too much stuff. Like four different shiny silver spaceships in the space of three movies. Or three basically interchangeable henchmen: Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and General … Continue reading

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Which shiny silver spaceship?

Leaving aside for a moment any deficiencies in the storytelling, the Star Wars prequels are a wonderland for fans of sci-fi tech. Each prequel movie has about as many first appearances of new ships and vehicles as any two of … Continue reading

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