2017 in notebooks

I mentioned in a recent post how I got addicted to Field Notes this past summer. Here are the books I used in the second half of 2017.

Top row are monthly/bimonthly EDC books:

Bottom row are travel journals:

  • Solar eclipse (August): Blue Wednesday
  • SVPCA (September): Campfire “Night”
  • Vienna (November): Campfire “Dawn”

The idea to write the monthly calendar on the notebook cover is not mine. I picked it up from someone in the Field Nuts group on Facebook. I use it to always have a calendar available at a glance, and to track carpooling. When books have busy covers, like the Workshop Companion I used for December, I write the calendar on the inside cover:

If you really want to go down the Field Notes rabbit hole, check out the Three Staples blog, and the mega-encyclopedic FieldGuide created by Oklahoma anthropologist Rhonda Fair. Be careful out there! And have a happy New Year.

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