Dinosaur Island: Across the Ogroan Frontier

Dinosaur Island sorcerors v2

Been a while since my last actual play update, and much has transpired. The PCs intercepted one of Malyar Ogroa’s emissaries, who bore a letter to Zelzennak Soth confirming that Ogroa’s army would meet up with Soth’s in two weeks to jointly invade the forest and crush Veletria Brightwing and the lizardfolk. We killed the whole convoy, of course, and made it look like simple predation by one of the local tyrannosaurs.

Now we have split the party. One group of PCs is going south to Diomedia to try and solicit aid from Zael Zotrin for the upcoming fight. The other group is sneaking into Malyar Ogroa’s territory to learn more about the disposition of his forces. The overarching plan is to gather Veletria Brightwing’s forces, possibly with help from Zael Zotrin, intercept Malyar Ogroa’s army, and destroy it before it can link up with Zelzennak Soth’s. That way we only have to fight one army at a time. If we can get Crogg Nur’s Neanderthals across the river in time, we might be able to reverse the 2-on-1 scenario (Ogroa + Soth vs Brightwing) in our favor, or at least make it into an even fight.

We haven’t been to Malyar Ogroa’s territory yet, so that means new tables.

Ogroan Frontier Encounter Table (1d20)

For when the players are exploring but haven’t attracted serious unwanted attention yet. Malyar Ogroa’s Picts do have villages and farms and so on, just not out on the frontier where the Watchtowers are located.

  1. nothing to see here, just grass and the occasional boulder or non-magical standing stone
  2. same
  3. same
  4. same
  5. ruin, empty
  6. ruin, inhabited by swarm of bats
  7. ruin, inhabited by pack of wolves
  8. ruin, inhabited by one or more Mome Raths
  9. wild animal – roll 1d4 on ‘Plains’ section of Dinosaur Island Monster Table
  10. wild animal – roll 1d8 on ‘Plains’ monsters
  11. wild animal – roll 1d12 on ‘Plains’ monsters
  12. wild animal – roll 1d20 on ‘Plains’ monsters
  13. Ogroan patrol – 6 gnoll mercenaries (see army table, below, for stats)
  14. Ogroan patrol – 12 hyenas plus controller (ditto)
  15. Ogroan patrol – 6 worgs with goblin riders (ditto)
  16. Ogroan patrol – 2 rhinos with Pict riders (ditto)
  17. Watchtower
  18. Watchtower
  19. Watchtower
  20. Watchtower

Battle Encounter Table: Malyar Ogroa’s Army (1d20)

I had some extra room on the third page so I added the Frontier Encounter Table and a short statblock for Watchtowers. PDF here: Dinosaur Island battle encounter table 2 – Malyar Ogroa’s army

Battle encounter table 2 - Malyar Ogroa's army p1

Battle encounter table 2 - Malyar Ogroa's army p2

Battle encounter table 2 - Malyar Ogroa's army p3

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3 Responses to Dinosaur Island: Across the Ogroan Frontier

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    When do we get a Brontomerus doing 25d20 damage from a kick?

  2. Matt Wedel says:

    How about an Amphicoelias-sized Brontomerus that can kick holes in spacetime?

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