The sorcerors of Dinosaur Island


Dinosaur Island sorcerors

The Dinosaur Island archipelago is currently ruled by ten sorcerors, not by any plan or mutual agreement, but because that just happens to be the temporarily stable situation at the time the party reaches the isles. Although certain sorcerors may form temporary alliances now and then, there are no large or long-lasting factions.

The sorcerors are all motivated in one way or another by the existence of mind-control gems. Some sorcerors collect these gems and want more, some have none but will do anything to possess them, and a few want only to destroy them. The last group, the resistance, is mostly drawn from the races that have suffered the most under the yoke of sorcerors wielding the gems, as their slaves, gladiators, or unwilling soldiers.

NB: my Picts are Robert E. Howard’s Picts.


Arkan Drovith is an immigrant human from the mainland. He rules the small, dry island of Zaton without mind-control gems. Secretly he covets mind-control gems and wants to engineer the downfall of Zelzennak Soth. Drovith is the estranged husband of Quisane Von Vokk.


Basabar Treen is a sorceror of the lizardfolk who rules the jungles in the south of Eloria. He genuinely opposes the use of mind-control gems, since his people have historically suffered the depredations of the other sorcerors, of whom Quisane Von Vokk is only the most recent.

Quisane Von Vokk is a vain and ruthless human from the mainland. Through deceit and assassination she deposed Orv Immeral, one of the last descendants of the elves who once raised beautiful cities across the islands. She collects mind-control gems and trades far and wide for slaves and beasts to fight in her arenas.


Vrenn Larr, the neanderthal queen, rules the tiny island of Minatou. Like Basabar Treen to the south, she opposes mind-control gems, since so many of her people have suffered at the hands of Quisane Von Vokk and Zelzennak Soth. Mostly she wants to be left alone, and through her magical research she seeks a way to shield her dwindling people from the outside world.


Corva Ettrogar is a queen of the lizardfolk. She rules the jungles of southern Diomedia. Although she says she opposes the use of mind-control gems, she secretly covets them and she would use them without qualm if only she could obtain them. Both of her motivations drive her continual war on Zael Zotrin’s Picts.

Zael Zotrin is the queen of the southern Picts, the most advanced native hominid race on the archipelago. For the most part, hers is a peaceable queendom. That peace is enforced by the mind-control gems used by her beast-mounted cavalry. Zotrin opposes the use of mind-control gems on humanoids, and slavery is not tolerated in her realm.


Malyar Ogroa is the king of the northern Picts. He is the dark mirror of Zelzannak Soth to the north, and he would gladly take Soth’s place if he could gather the strength. Ogroa is a cruel despot, enslaving lizardfolk, neanderthal, and Pict alike with mind-control gems, which he collects. His realm benefits from strong natural defenses to the north, west, and south, and a non-aggressive neighbor to the east.

Veletria Brightwing, an elf druid, rules the lizardfolk of Serangodo’s central jungles in secret. Under her benevolent leadership, the lizardfolk have prospered and turned the heart of the forest into a fortified garden. Despite Brightwing’s good and gentle nature, her woods have earned an evil reputation among the war-bands of Malyar Ogroa and Zelzennak Soth. Naturally, she opposes the use of mind-control gems.

Crog Nur is the leader of the last remaining neanderthals on Serangodo. He uses his magic to protect his people from the depredations of Zelzennak Soth, who seeks to kill or enslave them all. Although he fears that he is fighting a losing battle, he knows that his remnant is a valuable bulwark protecting his queen, Vrenn Larr, across the water on Minatou. He opposes the use of mind-control gems.

Zelzennak Soth is the oldest and most powerful of the Dinosaur Island sorcerors. From his hidden redoubt in the northern mountains, he controls the source of all mind-control gems, and all of Serangodo north of Malyar Ogroa’s peninsula and west of the territories of Crog Nur and Veletria Brightwing. Little news travels out of his territory, and few outside of his inner circle have ever seen him. His spies and assassins roam widely across the archipelago, sowing distrust and strife.


This rocky spire in the central sea is littered with smashed ships and crowned by a roc’s nest. If any humanoids inhabit the islands near the nest, no-one outside of Astrafel knows of it.

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8 Responses to The sorcerors of Dinosaur Island

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  2. Mike Taylor says:

    I hope you feel a little stab of internal pain every time you type the phrase “Dinosaur Island archipelago” πŸ™‚

  3. Mike Taylor says:

    So I was thinking it must be pretty awesome for London that all this material about your campaign is right here on the Web — not least because it means it always available if he wants to refresh his memory. Then I found myself wondering why he never comments on this blog. So, how about it, London? What’s with the radio silence?

  4. Matt Wedel says:

    On the archipelago – only a little. It didn’t occur to me until I was pretty far down the path that I had a map showing six good-sized islands and many smaller ones, but I was already referring to the place as “Dinosaur Island” in the singular. I console myself with the thought that real-world place names are often way stupider.

    As far as I know, London only goes online to play at Armor Games and Cool Math Games. I don’t think he even knows that this blog exists. He has all of the tables and documents, though, because his Kindle Fire is registered on my account, so when I send these things to my Kindle, they turn up on his as well.

    This has had unanticipated benefits. For example, a couple of weeks ago London got up pretty early on Saturday morning. Rather than wake us up, watch cartoons, or play video games, he got out his Kindle, looked up the free D&D 5e basic rules that I had sent myself before Christmas, and rolled up a couple of new characters. I got to sleep in, and when I woke up I found that my kid had been voluntarily reading and doing math on a Saturday morning. Good way to start the day.

  5. Mike Taylor says:


    It’s a bit of a shame he’s not out here interacting with the other two people in the universe who care about this campaign, though πŸ˜‰

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