Weekend Mech-tacular


London and I had a very mecha-themed weekend. On Saturday, we finished our all-homebrew Battletech game, which had been advancing at a rate of one turn per evening all through last week. More on how the battle played out in a future post.


In between Battletech turns, we built my Lego Exo-Suit (left). And this afternoon, we built London’s Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Mantis (right). Both sets are totally kick-ass, with an insane number of articulation points.


First contact between the Lego explorers and UNSC troops was tense…


…but peace soon broke out. The little ambassador there is one of London’s “blips”, modeled on the ones Peter Reid put in his book Lego Space: Building the Future (which is outstanding, BTW, and which you should totally pick up if you’re into Lego space). The turtle robot from the Ex0-Suit set is a family favorite.


Of course we had to have a big group glamour shot with the Exo-Suit, the Mantis, and some of our MOCs.

The Exo-Suit is back in stock most places, at least briefly. If you even think you might want one, get it now before they go out of production. The Mantis also seems to be widely available, and despite its larger size and higher piece count, it retails for about ten bucks less. If you’re into mecha, you can’t go wrong with either one; I’m happy we have both in our household.


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