Battletech actual play report: London victorious

I just realized that I hadn’t yet posted the end of the 200-ton fight from the last post.

endgame 1

Things started moving pretty fast. There are three ‘Mechs down in this photo. London’s Atlas went down from a head shot, as did my Dervish. My Awesome was down from a failed piloting roll from taking too much damage, but not out of the fight.

endgame 2

Not out of the fight yet, anyway. But a couple of turns later, my Awesome went down from a third head shot, and my Catapult annihilated London’s Spider by wiping out its internal structure.

endgame 3

That left just two ‘Mechs standing: London’s Grasshopper, and my Catapult. They were very evenly matched: about the same tonnage, same movement points and modes, and similar armament. So we just slugged it out.

endgame 4

When we were both getting low on armor, I got things lined up for a charge. Charging is the most devastating ‘Mech-on-‘Mech attack possible in Battletech, because the damage is multiplied by the number of hexes traveled. I got my Catapult in position for a 5-hex charge, delivering 35 points of damage to London’s Grasshopper.

Now, tragically, if a charging attack is successful, both ‘Mechs take damage. Tragically because London’s Grasshopper had a completely unobstructed shot at my Cat on its way in, and fairly flayed it of its last remaining armor. So when the two ‘Mechs collided, my Cat got destroyed.

In my defense, London’s Grasshopper was almost destroyed. It was down to 2 points of center torso internal structure, and it had taken two engine hits and one gyro hit. One more engine hit, one more gyro hit, or even a sparrow farting on the internal structure would have been enough to finish it. But none of those things happened, and London had the last ‘Mech standing. Good times.

London victorious

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