Battletech actual play report: the 200-ton fight

BT battle in progress

In the last post I showed some photos from unboxing the new BT Intro Box Set. As soon as we had the goodies out of the box, London had to play Battletech, and I was happy to oblige. We settled on 200-ton forces. London built his around the sturdy, 100-ton Atlas, the unusually mobile 70-ton Grasshopper, and the freakishly mobile 30-ton Spider. Although the Atlas and Grasshopper both have some long-range missiles, London’s ‘Mechs are all really close-range specialists. I decided to skew the other way with the 80-ton Awesome, 65-ton Catapult, and 55-ton Dervish, all of which have significant long-range striking power for their size.

As you can see from the photo, my “bombard from long range” strategy has so far failed. London brought his Atlas barreling straight in, and I brought my Catapult and Dervish out of cover to try to knock it out in one overwhelming salvo (my Awesome was also firing, from partial cover). That didn’t work–the Atlas soaked up everything I could throw at it, and London’s smaller ‘Mechs savaged my Catapult and Dervish. The Dervish has one hip knocked out, so it’s moving as slowly as the Atlas and Awesome–not a great place to be for a ‘Mech that had only about half of their armor to start with, and now has much less. London claims that using his Atlas as bait to draw out my lighter ‘Mechs was the plan all along. Well played, you little stinker.

Right now, it’s anybody’s game. London’s Spider has lost half of its jump jets, which cuts down on its mobility, but it’s otherwise in pretty good shape. His Grasshopper and my Awesome are still mostly intact. Everything else is on its last legs, and London and I are both morbidly curious to see who’s going to drop first. If he can get his fast-movers to drive off my Catapult, and if he can effectively turn the Atlas’s staggering firepower against my ‘Mechs, he could take it in a walk. But if I’m able to keep pouring fire into his Atlas’s back with my Cat, and hammering his smaller ‘Mechs with my Awesome, I might just eek out a win.

Time, and dice, will tell.

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