Tales of the Flaming Vagabond, Battlestar Galactica edition

Battlestar Galactica rag-tag ships

For the prequel to this post, go here. This round started when Stefan Garcia wrote:

Found this blog off of SVPOW’s latest post. Looks like the ship made it into the new Battlestar Galactica fleet (ship #4):http://www.flickr.com/photos/sastrei87/4349968535/sizes/o/in/set-72157623390074718/

That’s the composite image in question above. And #4 does indeed look like the Vagabond:

Flaming Vagabond 4-view

Which prompted me to write to Jarrod:

Did you tell me this and I forgot about it, or have you been holding out on me–or is the Vagabond now a background-ship meme outside of your control?

Which prompted Jarrod to write:

I don’t think I told you, and I don’t think I even knew. The process of populating a fleet or any large group of ships at Zoic typically worked like this:

“Hmmm… I need ships.”

File > Load Object
[navigate to where all the ships are]
[shift-select many objects]

The best Vagabond model I ever made lived in the same directory as other cameo ships like the Lambda-class shuttle, Millenium Falcon, SR-71 and a handful of other geek-favorite ships (hey, we *were* the target audience for our shows). So, it’s not just possible; it’s quite likely that at some point, one of the BSG guys threw her into the mix. We also had a shipload of material from [previous science fiction television shows], but since they had their own identities, they lived in their own places, and unless they were only going to be 3 pixels on screen, we generally kitbashed them into new stuff rather than whole-hoggedly tossing them in.

Serenity terraforming station

If you want more secret easter-egginess, that I haven’t seen anyone discussing yet, look at the Atmosphere Processor on the ice planet in the opening of Serenity. Then take a good look at the Nostromo from Alien, especially the aft. I think you shall find many, many similarities…

Alien Nostromo model

The moral of the story seems to be that there is probably more vehicular cross-pollination between sci-fi universes than any one person knows about. And if you want to find it all, you really have to leave no pixel unturned.

Many thanks, Stefan, for the heads up!

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  3. A neat addendum to this story – “Veynom” on Flickr turned the Vagabond into a LEGO creation. https://www.flickr.com/photos/veynom/30129347411/in/pool-legospace2012/

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