d100 Miscellaneous Gear Table for Your Sci-Fi Game

Bounty hunter equipment

Anti-bad-guy stuff, from WEG’s Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters

I have just blogged recently about the excellent tables for Star Wars roleplaying put together by Jeff of the Gameblog. One of the favorites at Casa Wedel is the d30 miscellaneous gear table from this post. I figured if it was good for equipping characters, it would also be useful for determining random loot–as, for example, when the PCs search the bodies of the Imperials or other baddies they’ve just shot or stunned. It’s to the point now that after a fight, the first thing London asks is, “Do we get to roll on the loot table?”

I don’t have a d30 so what we’ve been doing is rolling d100 and using the remainder if we roll over 30 (or 60, or 90). But I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to have a table of miscellaneous stuff that went all the way to 100, so last night I finally put one together. I present it now for your edification and amusement. Please note that it is not my original work, but rather an extended riff on Jeff’s table, which appears herein as items 1-30. I’m als attaching a PDF version at the end of the post. Enjoy!

d100 Items of Miscellaneous Gear

1. Macrobinoculars

2. Walking stick/pimp cane with silver head

3. Rad detector

4. Righteous hat

5. Cool Jewelry (ring, disco medallion, etc) with secret compartment

6. Thermal Detonator (10D damage)

7. Omnitool

8. Gloves (choice of cool driving gloves or armored gauntlets)

9. Awesome pet (space monkey, dragondog, astro-hawk, etc)

10. Mysterious dark cloak

11. Pack of cards, marked

12. Spaceship

13. Grappling hook belt

14. Daynight goggles

15. Cool boots (cowboy, swashbuckler, go-go, etc) – roll again if you got crazy alien feet

16. Tricorder

17. Commlink

18. TAS membership (or other useful or funny membership card)

19. Flashlight

20. Small hookah and 2d6 doses of some semi-legal herb

21. d6 Ninja smokebombs

22. Oxyfilter Mask

23. Fancy change of clothes

24. Toolkit

25. Hi tech vacc suit (non-bulky, collapsable balloon helmet)

26. Cool vest or jacket

27. Boot knife (STR+2 damage)

28. Bottle of Corellian Whiskey

29. Medkit (pick race it works best on)

30. Vehicle (van, speeder, motorcycle, etc)

31. Jetpack

32. Grenade

33. Ninja throwing stars (3, STR+1D damage)

34. Programmable remote hover-globe with sting guns

35. Force pike

36. Stun grenade

37. Portable music player with headphones

38. Awesome cape

39. Big shiny beltbuckle

40. Electro-whip

41. Silver flute

42. Binder cuffs

43. Saddle and tack for local riding beast

44. Backpack

45. Synthrope

46. Entrenching tool

47. Pocket tent

48. Pocket water purifier

49. Pocket computer

50. Power winch, wearable on belt

51. Cheap bottle of wine

52. Fancy bottle of wine

53. Rocket backpack

54. Magnet gun (pulls things in)

55. Microlight backpack wings

56. Holoprojector watch

57. Personal shield generator

58. Shoulder rocket launcher (3 shot clip, 5D vehicle dam)

59. Voice scrambler

60. View masker

61. Sawed-off shotgun (5D/4D/3D/etc. damage by range)

62. Gotal electromagnetic scanner (+1D to find lifeforms)

63. Handheld laser welder

64. Fusion cutter

65. Repulsorlift hoverboard

66. Omni-bond grapple gun

67. Grav boots

68. Pair of big fuzzy dice

69. Inertial direction-finder

70. Super-high-bounce grenade (set 1-5 bounce fuze)

71. Remote-control frisbee UAV

72. Folding pocket solar gun-and-gadget recharger

73. Bowel capitulator pistol

74. Flashbang grenade

75. Small tube of molecular bond ultraglue

76. Squirt bottle of universal solvent

77. Set of wrist lasers (3D+2)

78. Mouse droid

79. Bounty hunter skull drone with laser eyes (programmable, 4D damage)

80. Wampa-skin rug

81. Electronic riflescope (+2D shooting if user spends 1 turn aiming)

82. Therm-optic invisibility camouflage cloak (a la Ghost in the Shell)

83. Case with flare gun and five flares

84. Fireworks–pack of Roman candles, fountains, rockets

85. EMP bomb, 1 block radius

86. Droid popper EMP grenade

87. 1-meter-square grav plate (program or remote, -10 to 10 gravities)

88. Hypoinjector with truth serum, 3 shots

89. Anti-sensor camo cloak

90. Wrist-mounted rope shooter (wraps target, like Boba Fett’s)

91. Net gun

92. Parachute

93. Aerogel grenade (15′ diameter sphere fills with translucent aerogel, can cushion landing, block corridor, immobilize everyone in a turbolift car, etc.)

94. 10,000 in fake credits (DC 20 to recognize)

95. forged electronic search warrant (DC 25 to recognize)

96. roll of duck tape

97. slingshot and steel BBs (2D+2 damage)

98. bag of water balloons and fill pump

99. translator earplugs with pocket language computer

100. exploding cigar

PDF: Miscellaneous Gear d100 table

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2 Responses to d100 Miscellaneous Gear Table for Your Sci-Fi Game

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  2. This is great. I’ve made something similar for Alpha Blue. But there’s hardly any overlap.

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