Star Wars, the next generation

Imperial bat trooperWell, I finally introduced my son, London, to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. To say that he’s into it would be a colossal–nay, a cosmic–understatement.

We’re rolling with the West End Games 1st edition from 1987, which I cut teeth on and just never stopped playing (although I did adopt the Wild Die mechanic from 2E). We finished our eighth adventure last night. He’s playing an Ewok named Wuta, and I’m playing a scout. They are perfectly reciprocal on their Knowledge and Perception stats: the base Ewok template has 4D Perception and 2D Knowledge, the scout is opposite. So London put 2D into Hide/Sneak right at character creation, bringing that skill up to 6D, which is about as high as a stat can be for a starting character. His little Ewok murderhobo has been shanking people ever since.

Wuta 2My scout is a big departure for me. I got inspired by Jeff Rients’s series of posts on doing a Star Wars campaign based only on what was known about the universe in 1979. Background ideas are here:
and actual play reports are here:

In particular, I was taken by these two posts on how to roll up, equip, and even name a Star Wars character (well, an Encounter Critical-flavored Star Wars character from 1979, anyway) by rolling dice:

SnaggletoothSo I thought, “Screw it, I’m just gonna roll dice and I’ll probably get some worthless Snaggletooth bard but it will be fun.” Instead I got a human female named Camie Wolfsun whose complication is that she is in love with a smuggler; other possible complications were “Lost a parent in the Clone Wars” and “Orphaned by Imperial douchebaggery”–love that last one. Good so far, but I still needed a WEG character class. So I got out SW:tRPG, counted up the character templates, thew out the incompatible or sucky ones (Old Senatorial, Alien student of the Force), and rolled a d20 on the rest. So that is how Camie Wolfsun came to be a Laconic Scout. Even her gender was determined by a die roll.

Camie WolfsunFor someone I had no deliberate hand in creating, she’s been a lot of fun to play. The Con skill, which in the game basically means the “lie your ass off so you don’t get shot” skill, is under Perception, which is low, low, low for Camie. So most times Wuta does the fast talking. But when we’re dealing with Imperials that won’t work, so Wuta has to watch while Camie stumbles through some implausible BS story. Fortunately, her Con rolls have been stellar so far; unfortunately, her Dodge rolls not so much. She gets shot a lot, to the point that we put a bacta tank on our ship.

It may seem odd for the GM to play a character, but for the first few years of roleplaying it was just my brothers and me, so there was never a time when one of us was not wearing two hats. I’ve always been alert to the possible conflict of interest so I tend to err in other direction; if I’m GMing, my PC tends to be the least wealthy, most shot-up poor bastard in the group. I’m okay with that. It fits perfectly with the “losers against the universe” aesthetic that has always been one of big draws of Star Wars to me.

Corellian Merchants Guild party

Like these folks

Anyway, we’re both having a blast. The only hardship is that London wants to play all the time, and I don’t always have the mental energy. Also, I feel a responsibility to get him outside now and then so he doesn’t grow up to be Comic Book Guy. But so far, so good.

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