Collect Call of Cthulhu, Part 8: Bryan Riolo’s unnerving stare

Bryan Riolo - Cthulhu attackWhen he’s not catapulting us through time to face the real titans from Earth’s history, Bryan Riolo voyages across strange realms of space and sanity to confront the Outer Darkness. He depicts Cthulhu as vast, complex, unknowable, and fundamentally Not Right. We’ve already had a taste of that in Part 5 of this series with Bryan’s Cthulhu-as-space-dragon, but here he goes further. Which is worse, to be swept aside by an uncaring cosmic force–as Nick Fury put it, “Ant: boot”–or to arouse its malign interest? Look into those eyes and then decide.

Stray thought: the choice of yellow for the colored version of this pencil sketch is just about perfect, given both the import of the color in the Mythos, and its (pop-?)psychological link with anxiety.

To see this Cthulhu in its unnatural habitat, please visit Bryan’s DeviantART page. Please note that Bryan Riolo holds the copyright for this image and reserves all rights to it; it appears here thanks to his generous permission. Thanks, Bryan!

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