Mechs vs monsters: the second wave

Pacific Rim Battletech - kaiju wakeLondon and I got in a few more rounds of Pacific Rim BattleTech tonight. As expected, neither of the first-wave kaiju survived the first round of this session. Scorpio was down to half movement points and Bonehead was unconscious and immobile, so we gathered ’round and lit them up with everything we had. Scorpio took 44 points of damage, and Bonehead took a staggering 106. (This is out of a total of maybe 170 armor points and 90 points of internal structure–about 40% of its body demolished in one turn.) In both cases, it was London’s mech that fired the killing shot. I had hoped it would work out that way, but I didn’t fudge anything to make it happen, that’s just how the dice fell–which makes it even sweeter.

Now that his pilots had kills, we decided we needed to name them. Following the example of Hannibal Chau from the film, we went for [historical figure] + [restaurant] names, only London doesn’t know many historical figures, so he was allowed to choose from favorite fictional characters, too. His pilots are Johnny Taco in the Orion and Jango Sonic in the Victor, and mine are Alexander Shogun in the Atlas and Theodore Roscoe in the Javelin. Johnny Taco is by far our favorite.

Pacific Rim Battletech - trouble on the horizonOur victory was short-lived, however: right after the first two kaiju went to that big extradimensional rift in the sky, two more spawned in the ocean:  Silverback and Spearbeak. We amped it up a little this time: Spearbeak is another Category 2 (corresponding to a medium ‘mech, in the case a 50-ton unit), but Silverback is a Category 3 (equivalent to a heavy ‘mech, this time a 60-tonner). They’re still grossly outmatched by our very heavy 290-ton lance (= platoon of 4 ‘mechs, for any non-BattleTech players [and kudos for getting so deep into this BT-only post]), but their capacity for damage is much greater than the first wave. We gave Spearbeak claws on all four feet and a beak-spearing attack doing 20 damage. Silverback has a headbutt attack doing 25 damage–almost always on the Punch Hit Location Table, where one head hit means cockpit and pilot destroyed!

The special attacks were all London’s ideas–I’ve been letting him do as much of the creative lifting as he wants. We did roll randomly for what kaiju came up next, so the movie-esque lineup here is a happy accident. We also roll randomly for where the kaiju appear in the ocean, so we don’t know how to deploy our jaegers until the bad guys pop up. They’re faster than almost all of our mechs, too, so it’s not all roses for our side. In the first wave, Bonehead made it right to the outskirts of Stompopolis before we could catch up and give him what for.

Pacific Rim Battletech - river rampageLondon took the lead against the second wave, charging downriver to meet them. When just getting past us and into the city is a non-suicidal strategy, we roll to see whether the kaiju attack our jaegers or just try to get past them. But this time we’d laid out the fields of fire such that any bypass attempt would have been suicidal. So then we rolled to see which jaegers would get attacked, and in both cases they went for London’s jaegers. Which led to the scene above: Silverback squaring off against the Orion, and Spearbeak attacking the Victor, but basically en passant  as it tries to get into the city.

We had as much stuff flying around that turn as we have yet in this game. I managed to hit absolutely nothing, despite unloading at Silverback with every possible weapon on my Javelin and Atlas. The kaiju didn’t do much better–Spearbeak hit with one claw and a beak-spearing attack, but Silverback only hit with a single claw attack, missing the other one and the headbutt (much  to London’s relief). London, on the other hand, was rolling hot. Silverback only took a couple of small hits, but Spearbeak got worked–48 points of damage from missiles, lasers, and machine guns. It probably would have been okay but purely by chance most of this damage fell on its left hind leg, including 3 critical hits that knocked out crucial joints. So this formerly-swift kaiju is now flat on its back and won’t be able to move much on foot, assuming it can  even get back on its feet (the toothpick in the image below is its tail/standing prop).

Pacific Rim Battletech - Spearbeak downIt might be able to fly away, though, because its wings are still undamaged. We had ruled that, unlike its smaller terrestrial analogues, Spearbeak couldn’t take off from the water. The plan was for it to take off and harry us from the skies next turn, which will be the first turn in which it could launch from land. But then it damn near got its leg shot off and it’s lying on the ground. So who knows what’s going to happen.

So far, too easy. Now that we have the kinks in the kaiju stats and combat system worked out, I think a Category 4 kaiju needs to spawn, oh, about now. Stay tuned to hear how that works out. (And stay tuned for more Cthulhu, we have plenty more good stuff coming on that front.)

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