Pacific Rim + BattleTech = crazy fun

Pacific Rim Battletech - hot pursuitLondon and I hadn’t played BattleTech in a while, and we both loved the crap out of Pacific Rim, so…

We started out with 2 mechs–er, jaegers–apiece. London took an Orion and a Victor, and I grabbed at Atlas and a Javelin. We got a bunch of plastic critters to serve as kaiju. The first two to spawn in the depths of the ocean were Scorpio and Bonehead.

Pacific Rim Battletech - ready to fightCrunch: for record sheets, we used a Wolfhound to stand in for Scorpio, and a Shadowhawk for Bonehead (this stacked the decks pretty heavily in favor of the jaegers, but we’re going to have more kaiju spawn as soon as we get all the battle rules worked out). In addition to punching and kicking, we gave each kaiju two claw attacks and a special attack doing 20 damage: stinger for Scorpio and acid spit for Bonehead. Claw attacks do punch damage and also result in the kaiju grappling with the jaeger. Jaegers and kaiju get a -2 bonus to hit a target they’re grappled with. A successful punch can break the grapple. We haven’t worked out rules for throwing targets, but we need them, since the movie shows kaiju throwing jaegers and vice versa. For the kaiju, internal structure damage equals skeletal damage, and results in reduced movement points (hip, leg actuator, etc.) or physical attacks (shoulder, hand actuator, etc.).

Pacific Rim Battletech - Scorpio grapples JavelinEarly on, Scorpio grappled my Javelin and started doing serious damage with its claws and stinger, stripping most of the armor from the Javelin’s head and legs. It was rough going until London’s Orion showed up and started landing massive punches on Scorpio’s back, crunching through its armor and doing serious skeletal damage.

Pacific Rim Battletech - Bonehead breaks throughMeanwhile, Bonehead outran London’s Victor. I had kept my Atlas back to hold the “Miracle Mile” line in front of the city, just like in the movie, but Bonehead is a fast mover and got past the Atlas, too.

Thanks to a bad initiative roll, Bonehead was able to get behind my Atlas and lock his claws in, but then London’s Victor showed up and dropped Bonehead with a head shot. He’s only unconscious, not dead, but he probably won’t survive the next round.

Meanwhile, a new category of kaiju is spawing in the deep ocean. How long can the battered rangers protect the 2 million civilians in the greater Stompopolis metro area? Time alone will tell…

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2 Responses to Pacific Rim + BattleTech = crazy fun

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  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Your first kaiju was a hadrosaur? No need for mechas — you could taunt one of those babies to death.

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