Rise of the AcclaVenator

Over the holidays I found the Lego 8099 Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer (above left) on closeout at Wal-Mart, and picked one up. It’s a pretty cool set, and it gave me some ideas for building a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer (a.k.a. Jedi Cruiser) for London.

Tragically, we didn’t have enough parts* to build it along the original lines I had envisioned. In particular, we lacked the diagonal wing pieces to form the complicated lines of the Venator. So I backed off the scale of my ambition and decided to go for an Acclamator-class assault ship instead.

*In part because a lot of our parts are tied up in other vehicles, like the MOC Droid Command Tank I’ll show pictures of one of these days.

The end result ended up being a sort of Acclamator/Venator hybrid. London insisted that the ship should have two bridge towers, and I had forgotten that the hull of the Acclamator is more complex, both above and below, than that of a typical Star Destroyer. I rationalize my scrambled result as an experimental prototype built after the success of the Acclamator-class and before the design of the Venator had been finalized. The obvious, cool way to combine the names of the two classes would be the Venomator, but in my mind I always call it the AcclaVenator, so there you go.

Oh, and London decided that it needed as many guns as possible. The final tally is 52: 8 along the central spine, 16 on either side, and 6 sticking out on each side between the upper and lower hull plates. Not sure how well the overabundance of weapons accords with Jedi principles, but even I have to admit that it’s kinda cool, in a goofy sort of way.

(If you’re wondering where we got all those antenna/gun thingies, they were in one of the pick your part bins at the local Lego store, and I went a little nuts in anticipation of this very event.)

Well, fine. He wanted a pimped-out ship, and two can play at that game. Following the lead of the midi ISD, I had equipped the AcclaVenator with a detachable kickstand for display–note the single stud in the middle of the hangar bay for attaching this. (Yes, I was too lazy/tired/out of parts to build retractable landing gear. Sue me.) I also built it some giant knobby mud tires, for those times when I’m feeling literal about crushing the Separatist ground forces. This is much to London’s disgust–if he catches me playing with the AcclaVenator in supertank mode, he shouts, “It! Doesn’t! Have! Wheels!”

Mission accomplished.

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